When can a baby sleep on a soft mattress?

Before you buy a soft mini crib mattress for your baby, you must know the time of using the soft or firm mini crib mattress.

A firm mini crib mattress is not for all age baby or toddler because too firm or soft mattress may hamper baby sound sleep and can cause suffocation. A mini crib mattress is designed for a newborn baby who is zero to 12 months, and a toddler is a 12 to 36 months old baby.

CertiPUR-US certified baby crib mattresses, and the guideline considered safe for newborn babies and toddlers. Your newborn baby is getting a toddler, and you can buy a firm or soft mattress where he or she will enjoy a pretty good sleep.

When the baby becomes older, and there is no risk for SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Age Between 12 months to 36 Months is the perfect time to use soft mattresses because too much firmness of crib mattress may problem for the baby spine and joint.

For newborn babies, the softer mini crib isn’t safer.

In the USA, many moms use soft bedding like; pillows, pads, blankets for their babies, but the bad news is that they do not know the harmful effect of mini crib mattresses.

Many agencies examined more than 500 newborn babies die, and they stated that the death mainly causes for too much firmness of crib mattresses.

SIDS-also known as sudden infant death syndrome, this syndrome happens a lot with the black babies, and it happens mostly because of using too much firm mattress. Latino babies and Asian babies have died in the last few decades for suffocating accidentally.

Experts have named it SIDS, and it is also known as “crib death”. So all the parents should be more careful while choosing a crib mattress for their baby, and they should check the firmness of the mattress while picking one of them.

A famous Dr Rabi Raoshi states that many parents bought a soft mattress because they think soft mattresses ensure sound and comfortable sleep, but they don’t know about when is the right time of using the mattress. There’s this opinion that soft is not safe, said Moon, an author of the national medical institute of Washington DC.

If you think about the sound sleep of your baby, you should keep in mind that soft is not safe. We know that you want your baby to sleep more comfortably, but you should not take any risk regarding their health. Most of the parents let their baby sleep on their bed, but it’s not too safe for them.

A report found that more than 2000 babies died after sleeping on a soft mattress. However, if you use a firm crib mattress, your baby will have a sound sleep. Parents should study more about SIDS, and they will know more about those risks.

So the main point is you can use a firm mattress to make sure your baby sounds asleep. But, you have to keep in mind that too much firmness of crib mattress may cause a big problem suddenly.

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