Top 5 Best Small Of Back Holster – 2021

Are you looking for the best small back holster? Do you remember the action movies? How they get their guns out of their holster?

Craving for holsters is never-ending. Holsters carry sophistication and protection in the same case.

In case you are right at the boundary of selecting a holster for you but not getting it, we are here! We will take you on a trip around the best holsters on market.

You are the one who will choose. We will only present the best ones so that your selection process gets more comfortable.

best small of back holster

Reviews of 5 Best Small of Back Holsters 2021

Here are some best small back holsters that can startle you with perfection. Don’t waste time! Get in the competition of the best SOB holsters! You can also follow our best car gun safe reviews.

Concealment Express Sob Holster​

From quality to warranty, flexibility to adjustability, attachments to ease, this small back holster beats all. This holster can compete with any holster in the market, and finally, it will win. Including everything, you are searching for in a holster.

If you want to purchase an SOB holster and cannot find your perfect match, get yourself Concealed Carrier Universal Holster. It will never let you down. Not only the flexibility, but the quality also is impeccable when gossip is about SOB holsters.

This holster is a right-handed holster, and it guarantees you maximum comfort. First of all, we would love to talk about the quality of this holster. This is a surgical-grade holster.

For the perfection of this holster, breathable material is used to construct this holster. The breathable neoprene material keeps the weapon perfect and your hand comfortable.

You can go for concealed carry, or you can also go for a backup concealed carry firearm. No one is going to stop you if you choose this holster.

The fastest draw is on your hand. Only a pressure of your thumb will help you have fun with this holster. If we talk about flexibility, then no other holster can beat it.

It can fit any sized firearm, and it also goes with any handgun easily. You can have it can make it work with any of your weapons. Here, you have to note that it does not go with some models of SIG SAUER handguns.

In terms of adjustability, this holster is the leader. You can carry this holster in every situation. No matter you go for hip, back carry, or appendix, it will adjust everywhere and make its own space! This holster is very easy to use too. You can put this inside the waistband anytime. Now, all you need to do is place the metal clip to stick it to your pants properly.

With this holster, you get an additional neoprene belt clip holster. This is an extra attachment to this holster. You can use this for your other folding knife or non-lethal accessories. You can also use this for your magazines. Take your pepper spray in it and have fun!


  • Use of leather
  • Flexible
  • Easily adjustable
  • Has quickest draw
  • Comes with additional neoprene belt clip holster
  • Too much friction
  • Retention strap is not perfect

Desantis SOB Glock Holster

DeSantis brand is a very well-known small of back holsters for customers. Their best sector of work is leather holsters among different types of holsters.

No matter it is a cowboy action shooting or serious concealed carry, this brand named DeSantis will never disappoint you. The DeSantis Gunhide for S and W Shield is just the right deal if you are up for serious concealed carry.

There are thousands of people who are eager to carry their holsters but there are not a lot of holsters that afford your perfection here. This SOB holster is the excellent one and you will also get an effective draw with this.

With this amazing holster, you may require to offset the pistol a little for the spine so that you can ensure that you are ready to follow all of the safety measures. You always need to follow all protection measures during drawing and firing. This holster is the best affordable among all the inside waistband small of the back holster.

This holster is made from center-cut steer leather and highly durable. You can never question leather, can you? The best part about this leather holster is you get a dual stitch in specific areas so that your holster lasts long.

Where there are positive aspects of leather, it can take you to negative sectors too. Leather can get dirty easily and usually leather stuff is pricy. If you are getting this leather holster, make sure that you keep this out of the dirt.

You have to maintain the cleanliness of this holster in every way possible. You have to keep it dry always and take intense care so that it never touches the water.

There will always be some maintenance but if you compare it with the other leather holsters, you will find it really exceptional and worthy of money. This holster is for right-hand use and leather is tan leather. The no-slip suede is great for a perfect grip. The weight of this holster is about 3.2 ounces.


  • Great for right hand
  • Uses premium leather
  • Old-school sophisticated design
  • No-slip for perfect grip
  • Perfect for serious concealed carry
  • Not for left hand
  • The belt clip is not of high-quality material

Dazzling 2019 New Leather Holster M&P Shield

The Universal Small of Back Holster is ambidextrous.

Are you the one who needs a most portable and small holster for carrying it here and there? If you are searching for something compact, small, and highly portable, you can undoubtedly go for this one. It is very easy to carry this holster, and this holster will go perfect with any of the full-sized or midsized pistols you have.

To attach the holster with a belt, you will get a clip with a holster. You will also get a belt loop in a holster on the opposite side of the product too. This ensures that your stuff stays in place no matter how much you move it.

Belt loops are great to keep your product stable. If you are well aware of OWB and IWB, then you must know that the holster can be utilized as both of these. 

The interesting thing that will attract you is the construction material of this item. It is made of leather, which is an ultimate example of sophistication. Leather construction of this equipment will never make you dissatisfied.

If you are worried about fitting the holster with your pistol, then let us tell you that you will never get a better fitting than this one. This is because the holster is made in such a way where leather material will loosen up as time go by, and in the end, it will perfectly fit your holster.

For people who are confused about the draws, we will tell that this holster is a must-have. This holster draws perfectly, and you will never feel uncomfortable about this. Holsters usually dig into your spine, and as the design of this holster is not very much big, this does not dig into the spine.

You can never feel uncomfortable if you are with Universal Holster. These are made of 100% cow leather, and you can never question the quality of the leather here.

The only muzzle, yes, only the muzzle may disturb you a little. Excluding that, you will find this holster incredible!


  • Compact and portable
  • Flexible in terms o movements
  • Can fit so many guns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The muzzle end is a little disturbing

Advanced Performance Shooting SOB Holster

Not made of leather. This might break your heart but the quality of this ASOB is Advanced Performance Shooting Holster will never make you sad. The best thing we must mention about this holster is the drawing speed of this holster. With this holster, you can draw your gun at the fastest speed possible. That’s all you want, right?

As we have already said, this holster is not made of leather and so, you will surely miss the softness and flexibility of leather. But the thing that will attract you is the cant. It is so much high and it will afford you the flexibility of 45 degrees. If you are in search of something that affords portability always, get this one. This holster is very compact and you can bear it anywhere you want.

The lightweight feature of this holster makes it easy to carry. You will never have that discomfort while holding it or carrying it in your bag. You have to remember that the opening of this holster is not very much large.

Your gun can fit inside this holster snugly and it will afford durability too. You can use this holster for years and will never face issues regarding sturdiness. This can be custom made people who love customized holsters are going to love this piece of equipment.

Not only the holster but you can also go for customizing the belt loops according to your own requirements too! No matter where you use it, even in hard use, this does not break. According to the company, this holster is virtually unbreakable.

The product is preserved with a lifetime warranty and so, you do not need to think about the longevity here too! The concealment of this holster is very easy and you are going to rock with this holster for sure. This is fast and perfect for carrying on a daily basis. This will give you Goosebumps that the ASOB holster is made by the experts of military and law enforcement special operations.

So, you get a professional baby at such an affordable rate for your weapon. Keep your weapon secure and away from damage with this ASOB

You should not try wearing this exactly over your spine. You may face difficulties regarding drawing the gun properly. Here, you must get some practice first. As they all say that practice makes a man perfect, you can explore that here. You have to learn and try to get used to first. Once you understand the way, you will be doing fine with this holster!


  • Made of tough material
  • Goes with gun perfectly
  • Durable and easy to carry
  • Fast drawing process
  • Can be customized
  • Not soft as leather
  • May require practice regarding the draw

Gould & Goodrich SOB Holster

If you use a weapon and have ever used any holster, you must have heard or read about Gould & Goodrich brand. This is one of the most famous brands when it comes to good leather stuff for your weapons.

You will never mistake concealing your gun properly with the utmost comfort if you are with this G&G Back Holster. Genuine line leather is the holsters are not so much available these days.

Genuine line leather gives you ultimate flexibility. If you want to get comfortable with your holster and have flexibility movement then you must settle on good line leather holsters.

The belt of this holster can fit up to 1-1/2 in. The tension screw of this holster is also adjustable. You can adjust this baby and create your own comfort zone for you. When durability is all you are searching for, get this one. This is highly sturdy in terms of quality.

The materials used in crafting this holster are extremely durable. If you once buy it and take care of this holster properly, you will never need to look back for other holsters. This will give you service for years.

If you want to wear the holster, you will be very comfortable with this. There are people who wear holsters and usually are seen to be tensed about sitting down wearing it. If you have this issue, forget that!

As you are with G&G Back Holster and as it is made with leather, it can adjust. The leather of this holster will adjust to your body structure. You will not feel uncomfortable sitting.

As we have already said, the concealment is impressive, the holster is lightweight too. Carrying the holster anywhere you want will not be an issue as this weighs less.

A drawback we can hear is the draw angle of this holster. We are not saying that the draw angle is not good but it is not adjustable. It may not be as flexible as you have expected it. The retention capacity of this G&G Back holster is also not up to the mark. It will stick to you but in a difficult situation, you may face difficulties.

You may also find it difficult to use loops. These are fixed belt loops and snap loops usually go with everyone easily.


  • Very much durable
  • Uses leather for flexibility
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Incredible outlook
  • Has fast draw
  • Has fixed belt loops
  • Low retention

A Definitive Guide on the Best Small of Back Holster

Your weapons are your strength, and you must take care of them. Holsters that can take care of your firearms and gun much have the quality to stand your requirements. Moreover, holsters tend to have different sizes and shapes. From the belt to the material of the product, everything matters when it is about holster!

You need the best, and we serve you the best. Here are some tips on which you can reply to get the best holster for your gun. We wholeheartedly tried our best to guide you to your much-needed small of the back holster.

Have faith in us and go through the guide to know which one is best for your gun! Take a look!

The material of Holster: The material of any product ensures durability and sturdiness of product. When it comes to holsters, you have to keep in mind that you deserve something that provides you longtime service.

Guns or firearms should be kept safe and holster is the equipment that keeps them protected. If you do not provide proper importance to the material of the holster, you may fail to get the best product. It will result in discomfort, and the lifetime of your holster will be brief.

When you are choosing any holster, you have to choose between Leather and Kydex. Holsters are made of either Kydex or Leather. When it comes to comfort, we support using a leather holster. Leather will be very much adjustable, and you can flexibly move with leather.

Even if you take your gun in a holster and take it out of home, leather will support you. No matter where you keep the holster, leather holsters will manage and adjust according to the place. It will never let you feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, durability is a feature that Kydex can offer you. If you are up for a durable and robust holster, settle on Kydex. If you get a holster made of this material, you can undeniably trust the product. It is long-lasting and heavy-duty. No matter how much pressure it goes through, it will afford longevity.

Fitting of Holster: You need to take care of fitting. If your gun doesn’t fit inside the holster, what is the use of a holster! Do not waste money on holsters that do not fit properly. Some holsters are perfect for some specific guns.

Some holsters say that they go with almost all of the firearms. Select one that fits and keeps the gun covered properly.

Here, not that leather holsters are a little imperfect in holding the guns. Usually, these holsters tend to be excessively tight. It will require some time to get the perfect fitting when you choose a leather holster.

Quick Draw: Are you searching for a holster that you can use on a daily purpose? Go for something that is highly comfortable. Moreover, you have to take care of the draw speed too. Usually, comfortable holsters do not have a quick draw and vice versa.

You have to keep your skin safe by selecting a comfortable one. But you also need to have an eye on the draw speed.

Concealment: Go for the small of a back holster that can keep the muzzle of a gun. Every product will not fulfill your requirements.

Check that if it keeps the barrel visible or not. It is important to keep the barrel noticeable. Go for an IWB holster if you want perfect concealment.

Picking Up The Best Small Back Holster

Yes, small back holsters are comfortable, safe, and effective. It keeps you safe from danger and your skin safe from unnecessary scratches too! If you get your hands on the perfect SOB holster once, you will never agree to change your choice.

All our picks are chosen according to direct field experiments. You can have enough confidence in the products recommended by us.

Before you buy, go through some research. Pick anyone you like and flaunt your gun!

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