Molle Gun Safe Door Organizer – Fully Customizable & Adjustable

Molle gun safes are a great option for people who are looking to store a lot of firearms. These safes are designed to be modular, which means you can add on additional storage units as you need them.

However, if you’re carrying around all the extra storage units in your backpack, it can get quite bulky and heavy.

A gun safe door organizer can be used to store various items in a safe place. It prevents you from leaving your things scattered all over the floor or in your closets. This helps maintain your space and keep it orderly.

Whatever the case, this blog will provide you with all the information you need on the 5 best molle gun safe door organizers and what they offer.

Best Molle Gun Safe Door Organizer

STEALTH MOLLE Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Let’s start with this amazing gun Safe Door Panel Organizer that is made to impress and let you use the most of it. Stealth has designed this door organizer to be fully customizable and to rearrange your organizer exactly the way you want.

This Molle organizer system is used by police and military all around the world and if you already have Molle accessories no worries they will be compatible. You can remove your attached things from the belt and keep them there in seconds.

Stealth has made this organizer to keep everything you would want to keep like pistol holsters, magazine pouches, document pouches, and a few other valuable things that will fit in your organizer. 

We’d like to say this molle gun safe door organizer is the only panel where you can completely customize and store things the way you want.


Freely Customizable

The Fitting is very Useful

Value for Money


The Extra accessories are limited by stealth, But you can buy from other places.

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer

While Stealth is leading the market American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer is the one I would like to recommend for its famous traditional style panel and the universal fittings that fit almost everything. 

If you own Guns and want to keep them in this organizer then there is a strip of Velcro in the top where you can attach your guns and you can also remove this compartment completely if you don’t have any guns. This panel has the ability to hold long guns and I will definitely recommend it for this feature.

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer does a pretty good job in terms of storage options it comes with a plethora of pockets to extend the amount of storage to keep the valuable things organized in one place. However, You can customize the pistol holster area which you can remove if you want.

These door panels by ASM are the most expensive for their higher quality material than the Liberty options, if you are willing to sacrifice the customization sector then this is the one I will recommend.


Better Storage Options

High-Quality Material

Long Gun Storage


Compatibility is not so good

Limited Customization


Liberty Door Panel

The reason we are suggesting Liberty is that it offers the broadest selection of panels. Where stealth is offering 3 strip sizes and Liberty decided to go with 6 different sizes. It may seem convenient but for these size offerings, you are left with absolutely no customization.

Every panel is sewn directly to the panel which causes a great problem, and no products will fit in this organizer other than Liberty’s Own products. So, that might be a great inconvenience for the user. The straps are the same quality as the American Security uses theirs.

We will recommend this product if you don’t like customization at all and if you are using every product and accessory from Liberty.


Pockets are kinda cool

Available in Standard Sizes


No Customization at all

Quality is very poor

FAQ’s you may want to ask

What is a Door panel organizer?

From the name itself, you can say this is something that stays inside the door panel and lets you organize and helps to keep your valuable stuff like handguns, documents, knives, and other things safely stored on the door. These door panel organizers are made with sturdy materials to hold your guns in one place.

Are gun safe accessories available worldwide?

No, they are not available worldwide. However, You can get easy access in the Canada and USA. The Browning’s Axis accessories will only work in the USA that was made by Browning safes. 

If you buy them from the USA and Canada, then you only have the option to buy the accessories and ship them anywhere you want.

Should I buy gun safe accessories?

No, I’d say you don’t need to buy gun safe accessories. If you have already bought a safe then you may proceed to add accessories, that will work better I think.

Although using accessories will just make your safe better and will allow you to use them for a better purpose.

How much do gun safe accessories cost?

Gun safes can get expensive depending on the model and ranges you choose. However, for the basic options, you will have to spend more than 10$ and for the premium option, it can cost you around 100$ and even more in some cases.

Where are these accessories made?

Most of them are made in China and then imported into the USA to be sold. The manufacturer made them in China to keep the cost down for you. You definitely don’t want to spend a lot on these accessories.

Why should I buy a gun safe door organizer?

To stay organized and safe at the same time, you need to consider getting a gun safe door organizer. In case you don’t like to look for the things you need most at the time of emergency, an organizer is the best place to keep every valuable thing at one place safely and beautifully organized.

Can my organizer hold heavy items?

It depends on which organizer you are buying and the quality of the material it is made of. Some of them are made with strong material and some of them are made with simple material. 

It is you to decide what to store in the organizer and how well built the organizer you are buying.

Are door organizers difficult to install?

Absolutely not. They are made with such materials that are easy to understand for every user. Also, they come with necessary instructions for installing easily. Still, if you are confused, you should watch Youtube videos to install them properly.

Buying Guide – Things to consider while buying a gun safe door organizer

Here you go, If you are planning to buy one of the gun safe door organizers then you must consider some facts while buying them, so that you make a perfect choice and get the best product for yourself.

Material of The Product

The material of the product is actually the most important thing. If you choose something that is made of poor quality then your all money will be wasted and you will lose interest. 

That’s why the material is the number one thing to look for.

Quality Of the Pockets

Okay, you have decided the material you are getting, now it’s time for the pocket quality of the door organizer. 

You definitely want your pockets to provide the most security and advantages for what you’re keeping in them.

With a decent quality of pockets, you can keep your things safely stored.

Dehumidifier Space

A dehumidifier is used to keep your weapon dry in every weather. Your gun safe door organizer must have a pocket to keep the dehumidifier so that your guns stay dry and safe from getting rusty.

Brand name

It’s better to use a product from a renowned brand because you get an official warranty and guarantee on what you buy. 

Also, brands are good at what they make. I will recommend American Security, Stealth Molle, Browning, and Liberty Safe Brand as they are the most trustable in the USA.

So Yeah these are the most important factors and you must consider them while you’re buying the gun safe door organizer.

My Opinion

Well, I have tried to recommend the best molle gun safe door organizer for you to buy. It depends on you to choose the model you want to buy. 

I have already mentioned all the facts that you must consider while you are getting one. In my opinion, Liberty Door Panel will be the best option for anyone who wants to buy one. 

That’s a wrap-up for today, we will continue our recommendation on this topic in the future.

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