The Best Truck Gun Rack 2021

If guns are there to keep you safe, what is there to keep your guns safe? Gun Racks, the only solution for keeping your guns safe during a journey or travel is a perfect gun rack. If you usually travel with a gun and have no gun rack plans, you will end up hurting your guns!

To keep them safe, we are here with the top 5 best truck gun racks. If you want to know what can keep your gun protected, get into the writing! Read the Best Gun Safe Door Organizers.

The Best Truck Gun Racks (2021)

Big Sky BSR-1 Gun Rack

Highly loved by the customers, this rack is highly expensive too. But you get what you pay for! Yes, this truck gun rack is very durable, and it will serve you for a very long time. People who are new to buying gun racks should prefer this rack because this can never go wrong.

This truck gun rack is made of heavy-duty nylon, and so, you never need to worry about the performance of this rack. There are also loop fastening straps added.

No matter what truck you are going to travel with, you can adjust the frame and attach this there. For fixing it properly, you need to tighten and loosen if required and make a proper fit.

For your convenience, you can set it anywhere in your truck. You can set it on the headliner of the car. You can also keep it vertically on the inner plates.

What we found wrong!

The only drawback we found in this truck gun rack is made for the small to medium weapons. This will not suit your big barreled arms. This is a single gun rack, and you can only hand one gun here.

Who should get this?

People who want durability over expense must get this gun rack. These gun racks are just the right deal if you have a small to the medium gun!

  • Constructed with heavy-duty material
  • Very much durable
  • Uses nylon hooks
  • Adjustable straps are added
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Not great for big barreled guns
  • Goes for one gun only

ATV Tek Double Rider Gun Rack

From perfect fit to variable technology, this ATV Tek truck gun rack can be the beck for using in the truck. This gun rack is told to be one of the perfect fits for your gun in the market. It affords you an extra 16 inches horizontal adjustment.

Once you mount the rack, you will get the ideal grip. This is large, and you can easily use this for holding your gun is the rack with comfort.

This truck gun rack is specially designed so that your gun does not face any vibration or recoil. If you on the trail this gun rack will protect you entirely. If you are worried about the adjustments, then you must know that this one has a tool-free change.

There are finger adjustable knobs for your convenience. Moreover, you can adjust this pretty quick, and it does not need any extra pressure or time.

This gun rack has improved tubular. The composite mounting system is also very developed. With the help of these, you can go for an easy installation. We must say that if you want a rock solid mount then get this one as your gun rack.

This truck gun rack is highly versatile. You can take this giant rack anywhere you want. This rack weighs about 5.4 pounds, and this is one of the most loved gun racks in the market now. In this rack, there are two mounts. This rack can go with most of the vehicles.

In most cases, this gun rack suits the weapons properly. But before you go for the frame, go through the details of this rack and the models of weapons this gun rack approve. That will get you a better fit for your favorite gun!

What we hate!

The bow of this truck gun rack may rattle a bit. Yes, the users usually complain about the bow. Sometimes, the fit is not correct, and it cannot hold your gun tighter. In this case, you must measure the fit first to get a perfect fit.

The rubber straps may seem a little challenging to work with. These are very much thin. According to us, when the straps are small, the rack will not hold the gun tightly. This is the case; the arms may move a little and make noise.

Who should get this?

People who have large guns should prefer this gun for themselves. If you love to keep two arms in one rack, you must get this one.

  • Comes with an extra horizontal adjustment
  • Custom Fit
  • Finger adjustable knobs
  • Larger in size
  • Has two mounts
  • Improved tubular
  • The bow may rattle
  • Straps are thin

Great Day Center-Lok Overhead Gun Rack

One of the most popular brands in the truck gun rack world is Great Day, and its quality is highly reliable. This gun rack by the company is a vehicle-oriented gun rack. We trust the quality of this gun rack because the company puts the effort into making gun racks with aluminum.

Yes, they use aluminum as their base material. If you are worried about the coat, then let us assure you about that too. They use powder-coat enamel for affording durable coating over the gun rack. The robust design will ensure the durability and sturdiness of the gun rack for sure!

Let’s talk about adjustability. Yes, you get the ultimate adjustability with this product. You can expand this gun rack from 48 inches to 54 inches. You can install this gun rack only in a few minutes. The best part is you will never require any drilling.

There are no bolts and no screws needed. Without these, the gun rack can work because it includes aircraft-grade aluminum as a material! It can go in a lot of vehicles.

The truck gun clips of this model can hold the gun precisely in the right place. These gun clips are cushioned. To keep them perfect, they are made moldable. These are also locked with some Velcro Straps for the utmost security.

If you want to adjust the clips more perfectly according to your requirements, you can also do it. You can change them separately. This will help in fixing any sized guns.

What we found Negative

The problem regarding this product is the headliner. Sometimes, the bolts of the gun rack may rub the headliner of the rack. Even if you use the rounded head bolts, the same problem may continue. You might see that the pins can pull the headliners up. For the recovery, you can use a cardboard to keep it straight.

On the other hand, it is very much easy to install, but the instruction is a little tough to understand. The words written may seem confusing to some people.

Who should get this?

If you are too much concerned about not hurting your gun with scratches, have this one. It has a perfectly padded area to keep your firearms safe.

  • Made of Aluminum
  • Has coating of powder
  • Highly adjustable
  • Moldable and cushioned gun clips
  • Easy installation
  • Expands from 48 inches to 54 inches
  • Can pull the headliner up sometimes
  • Instructions are difficult to understand

Hatchie Performance Back Seat Gun Sling

This is one of the cheapest truck gun safes in the market. But if you judge it only according to the reasonable price, then you will end up choosing the wrong one. Yes, this gun rack is highly affordable, but that has nothing to do with the quality.

This gun rack is just the right deal for the people who want their gun safe and sound when they travel. This gun rack is a little different than the other gun racks in terms of the design. This will not only go with the trucks but will also adjust the other vehicles if needed.

This gun rack can be adjusted in the back of the seat. So, you can easily understand that this is a versatile gun rack that can fit in almost every vehicle. Most of the cars usually have two seats in the rear part, and you can easily adjust this gun rack in the back of those seats and enjoy your journey.

The best part about this truck gun rack is, it can hold up two different guns at the same time. After being this much affordable to the users, the company affords to handle two different firearms at this reasonable price.

If you are slightly tensed of the fact that all affordable products are low in terms of quality, then don’t worry. It is because; this gun rack is made with very sturdy material.

This Back Seat Gun rack will never offend you with the performance, and so they named it PERFORMANCE. This is made with durable materials that will provide you long-term service.

The construction material is Neoprene, and we often see this material used in the high-end truck gun racks. You get the stuff of a high-end gun rack in this reasonable price. It can securely fit the guns because of the sling of this gun rack straps around the headrest of the vehicle.

Where we object!

There are seldom complains about this gun rack. It is very unusual that this affordable gun rack is loved by its customers so much.

The only drawback that we can see here is related to the bottom rifle holder. This hangs too low.

Who should get this?

People having two guns can get this one. If you are up for an affordable gun rack, then you can try this as it is the most affordable gun rack in our list.

  • Constructed with Neoprene
  • Can hold two guns
  • Easily fits the arms
  • Easily fits most of the vehicles
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Bottom gun holder hangs low

Big Sky SBR-2G Rack 2-Gun Sky Bar

When it comes to the favorites of the users, we always see Big Sky Gun Rack to lead the era. The users are completely in love with the quality that this gun rack affords them. If you are in your vehicle and nothing can help you, this Big Sky truck gun rack is always there.

Storage is not an issue when you are with this rack. It is very much convenient for vehicles. It has a perfect vehicle mount so that you can travel with your gun quickly.

Moreover, using this is also easy. You can take anywhere, and it can be stored however you want. It includes a telescopic square bar for providing perfection.

If you are worried about the brackets, then let us tell you, this gun rack will give you adjustable brackets. You can adjust them however you want to so that you can get a perfect fit.

The brackets are also padded. Nothing you out you in discomfort here! This gun rack is called one of the most loved gun racks by the users because it fits in most of the vehicles.

Not only the cars but this gun rack also provides most of the weapons that you carry. So, in this case, this is versatile!

If the discussion is about sturdiness, nothing beats this gun rack. This is because; it is made with heavy duty nylon. Nylon makes it stronger and sturdier. Nylon straps fastening are great for the durability of the truck guns. It has safe storage!

This hangs in a semi-low position. You might be thinking that this might hit your head. But this does not hit your head at all! A great fit is a reason why people love this gun rack.

You can tighten it the way you want. The installation process is also straightforward to understand. It comes with self tappers.

What we dislike!

In most cases, the buyers complain about its fit regarding some specific models. It can fit most of the guns and weapons, but in the case of vehicles, it varies. You may find that this gun rack does not go with some specific truck models. If you keep this gun rack in the rear grab handle, this will be visible to the outsiders. The design must be changed to accommodate specific truck models.

The strap loops are made of chrome. Some people have complained against this. If you want to solve this, you can paint the strap loops to avoid inconvenience.

Who should get this?

People who have different guns can try this one. This rack fits on most of the weapons. Moreover, people who usually travel on different trucks or vehicles can have fun using this one.

  • Made with heavy-duty material
  • Great fit for almost all weapons
  • Has a telescopic square bar
  • Versatile for different vehicles
  • Easy installation
  • Does not go with some truck models
  • Has issues with the chrome of the strap loops

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Truck Gun Rack

  • Types of Gun Rack: There are different types of truck gun racks in the market for trucks and vehicles. Before you buy any of them, you must be sure about where you want to place your gun.
  • Floor Mounted Gun Rack: These gun racks are for the levels of your truck. These can be placed in the middle part of the two front seats. If you want to grab the gun whenever you want, keep the gun rack here for easy access.
  • Rear Window Gun Rack: These gun racks are usually placed on the back of your truck or vehicle specifically on the rear window.
  • Back Seat Gun Rack: If you want, then you can keep your guns on the rear seat area by buying a gun rack like these. These are usually attached to the front seats on the backside.
  • Overhead Gun Rack: These racks are usually put on the upper wall of your vehicle. These keep your gun up there, and it will be invisible to the viewers until you want them to see your weapon.
  • The material of Gun Rack: Usually, gun racks are either made of metal or plastic. There are also other materials with which gun racks are constructed, but these are popular for gun racks. In most cases, gun racks tend to hold two different guns. There are also gun racks that can hold three arms and some can only hold one. Go for metal if you need a sturdy gun rack. If you want to attach the frame with the window, then go for the plastic gun rack. These also help in keeping fishing rods. You can also get aluminum racks if you want durability, but these are highly expensive.
  • Straps: Emphasize the straps that hold your gun. If these are loose, then your arm will move when your vehicle runs. If you don’t want it, then go for straps that are a little thick and can fit well.
  • Padding: Padding is essential because if you do not ensure perfect filling for your guns then in the journey, the arms will get scratched.
  • Terminology: Driving truck with only guns and no gun rack is the worst plan. If you love your arms and you crave for keeping them safe, always settle on the best gun racks for them.

To get along with the gun racks, you must read out the whole review so that you can get the best vehicle gun safe for yourself. Let us know what you feel about these racks! Read the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier Reviews of 2020.

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