Top 10 Best Tennis Balls Reviews 2021

Imagine you are playing tennis for a long time and suddenly want to step up your game and practice with the best tennis balls, then maybe this is the review that you were waiting for. There are Penn, Costco, Wilson, and Toura tennis balls to look for.

Wherever you play, on clay, grass, soft courts, or hard courts, you will always need a comprehensive tennis ball to rock your game.

Maybe you can’t win but it will affect the flexibility of your game. The fact here is, with the best tennis balls, you will get the best taste.

If you are looking for the best tennis ball and its features you can check this review.
In this review, we have gathered all the branded tennis balls after taking professional advice.

Have a look at the next segment and choose up the one you like!

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Reviews of 10 Best Tennis Balls 2021

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball

Wilson tennis ball is the toughest tennis ball in the world right now.

Remember the toughest tournament in the world that happens every September? In this tournament, more than 70,000 balls are used, and Wilson has the pride of affording tennis balls there.

Premium quality wool was used to make it look thick. These balls are durable too. Though these balls are specially designed for hard courts, they are all-courter. With this whole kit, you will get around 72 balls in total in 24 cans. Consistency is another feature that makes the ball worth purchasing. 


  • Uses high-grade material
  • Made in USA
  • Best for hard courts
  • Thick cover for durability
  • No ideal for soft
  • courts (less bouncy)

Penn ATP Tennis Balls

No matter how hard you hit this Penn ATP balls can take all. Specially made to play on hard courts.

This Company may seem a little unknown, but people who are a fan of tennis know that this brand is the first choice of ATP players.

The core materials of this ball, it is brighter than any other ball in the market. These balls will help you in scoring better than before.


  • Accuracy is ensured
  • Approved by ITF and USTA
  • Great for outdoor courts
  • Brighter than regular felt
  • Extra bouncy
  • Not great for league games

Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls

Bouncing quality is enough to make you attracted to these Slazenger Tennis Balls. Check this ball in order to feel like a pro.

If you are talking about visibility, then this ball will amaze you in that sector too! These balls are highly reliable in fields, and you can have faith in durability.

These are not only visible to the players, but spectators can also see these balls. In total, you get six tubes in every set. Inside every container, you get a four-ball. The covers of these balls are constructed with patented hydro guard technology.


  • Total of 24 balls
  • Visible for both spectators and players
  • High-grade cover material
  • Durable and reliable
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and recreational play
  • Not great for tournaments

Penn Pro Marathon Extra-Duty Tennis Balls

If durability is all you need, this Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Ball by Penn will fulfill your expectations. The USPTA Teaching Professionals chose this to be their top favorite for durability and quality. Not only players, but spectators will also be able to see the shots for accurate visibility.

Penn’s Encore Technology allows you to play the ball comfortably. You will surely enjoy playing the balls, and these balls seem to be the best ones for soft courts. Even in hard courts, they are good, but we recommend using them in soft courts.


  • Long-lasting
  • Visible to players and spectators
  • Comes with 24 cans, each containing three balls
  • High performance
  • Great for soft courts
  • May fell flat after using for a long time

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball

The name is enough when it comes to Wilson tennis balls. This company has provided the court’s incredible tennis balls, and this one is another best from the list!

Rated best for durability and you can also play it in the hardcourt.

If you are up for tournament levels, you can rely on these balls anytime. For recreational plays too, As the name says, the balls are EXTRA DUTY; these balls are proved themselves in hard surfaces.


  • Unbelievable good for hard court
  • Heavy-duty balls
  • Durable
  • Goes with tournaments and recreational plays
  • Approved by ITF and USTA
  • Expensive

Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls

The Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls are high in terms of materials that are used in the balls.

We cannot deny that this name will always come into our pick whenever we are going to talk about tennis balls.

This ball reconstructed in the USA, and it uses Dura-Weave technology. If any person has experienced these balls, they will know that these balls are specially used in the Australian Open Grand Slam Championships.

Even in the US opens, these balls are brought into exercise.

Wilson Regular Duty Tennis Balls are durable and high for indoor courts along with the clay. These balls come in one can that includes three shots.


  • Great for recreational players
  • Ideal for indoor courts and clay
  • Made in USA with durable material
  • Uses Dura-Weave
  • Visible to players
  • A little expensive

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Penn, being one of the top-notch brands in affording the best tennis balls to players, presents Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls.

Usually, you will see cracking balls everywhere, but this is not the case with Penn extra Duty Balls. These balls use deep elastic seems. With the help of this, the balls can dampen the cracking.

These have a natural rubber core, and the balls will make you feel consistent throughout your playing. These have interlocked wool fiber on top of the shots. You can play these extra-duty balls on the outdoors and hard courts.


  • Affordable price
  • Interlock wool as cover
  • Use of elastic for lessening cracks
  • Rubber core
  • Durable
  • Packaging seems to be very poor

Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls

The name of the balls says that they are pressure-less. Yes, these balls are unique in terms of features and qualities.

You will see that thousands of tennis balls lose their bounce. There are also tennis balls that go flat soon. These balls are not like those!

The extra durable felt makes the ball stay sturdy for a more extended period. You are free to hit these balls for hours and hours bit these balls will never lose their bounce. Non-toxic material is used to make these balls comfortable.


  • Comes with 60 balls
  • Extremely durable
  • Pressure-less balls
  • Do not lose its bounce
  • Stays in shape
  • Horrible  Smell

Penn ATP Regular-Duty Tennis Balls

The other leading tennis ball by the company Penn is STP Regular Duty Tennis Ball. These balls are of premium grade, and you will never lose control while playing these balls. You will get 24 cans in the kit. Just like other balls by Penn, these balls have the Smart Optik feature too. The golden balls are undoubtedly visible to people who will play these balls.

The tournament-grade felt makes the balls sturdy. Rubber is used for getting an unbelievable bounce with the nuts.


  • Total of 72 balls
  • Visible to players
  • Use of Smart Optik felt
  • Uses technical-grade rubber
  • Approved by USTA and ITF
  • No drawbacks found

Dunlop Grand Prix Hard Court Ball

Affordable in price, these tennis balls by Dunlop are highly durable. This brand manufactures hard court balls with excellent performance at a very reasonable price.

They use DuraFelt cloth technology for making the ball durable and strong.

You can use these balls on the indoor courts, or you can play them on clay. For the Championship and Leagues, these balls are highly praised. These balls have the feature of blocking abrasion.

Moreover, these Dunlop Balls are recommended by USTA also ITF. This is the best tennis balls that are affordable and it wraps up the top list.


  • Affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Multiple felt thicknesses
  • Visible to spectators and players
  • Uses DuraFelt cloth technology
  • Can get flat anytime

A Definitive Guide on Best Tennis Balls

People often go for tennis balls for recreational purposes and also for tournaments. You do not buy tennis balls, and if you want to get fun out of your playing, you must settle on the best shot.

We have created a guide to let you know which tennis ball may suit your standard. Take a look over the considerations you need to follow

For purchasing tennis balls. Read this description to pick up the best tennis balls from the market.

Types of Tennis Balls – Usually, the tennis balls of different brands offer you different grade balls. There are recreational level balls, championship-level balls, and professional level balls.

Recreational Level Balls – The recreational level balls are usually made for practice use. These are of the lowest quality among all the balls. These are not designed for the professional, and you cannot expect durability from these balls. You cannot use these tennis balls in any professional match or league match.

Championship Level Tennis Balls – The Championship balls are made according to a quality that is better than the recreational level balls but lower than the Professional level balls. These tennis balls are usually designed for smaller tournaments. The championship-level balls are seen to be used in league matches too!

Professional Level Tennis Balls – Professional level tennis balls are the top-quality tennis balls on the market. These balls are constructed for professional use. In terms of expense, these cost more than any other sort of tennis ball. As the price is higher, these balls last longer than other balls. The performance level is also high when it comes to the professional level of tennis balls.

Tennis Balls according to Elevation – All professional, championship and recreational tennis balls come in different elevations in terms of places of play. You cannot play off the shots in every court. Different court allows a different ball.

Extra Duty – These balls are hardcourt balls.

Regular Duty – You can play these balls on clay or on indoor courts

High Altitude – These balls are available for playing on the high altitude courts you can also play them in thin air.

Visibility -The visibility of your ball is very much important because if the players cannot see the shot, they will never be able to play correctly. Moreover, the spectators should see the ball. When you are going to buy tennis balls, ensure that they are visible or bright enough to be noticeable to the players along with the spectators.

Construction Material – Go for materials that are tough and sturdy. These materials will afford your longevity. Moreover, give proper essential to the cover of the ball.

Picking Up The Best Tennis Ball

You have already known that the best tennis ball that will be perfect for you depends on your requirements.

We have provided an ultimate guide to choose the right tennis ball for you. All you have to do is narrow down your choices and settle on the best one that suits you! Let us know your thoughts and experiences about the ideal tennis balls by commenting below. 

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