Best Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger

Are you looking for the best gun rack for your Polaris Ranger?

I recently purchased a polaris ranger for hunting purposes and I was looking for the best gun rack. I researched and tried out a few different gun racks and finally found the one that I liked the best.

I know how frustrating it can be to find the right gun rack. I hope this can help you out.

Polaris rangers are extremely popular in the USA. Polaris Ranger utility side by side are workhorse UTVs for hauling and towing – loved by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and homeowners.

They have 2,500 pounds of towing capacity, helping you tackle any terrain or task. Available with 2-Seat, 3-Seat, Crew, Special Editions, and Youth. Available accessories include cab systems, winches, brush guards, and cargo and bed storage. 

So, if you are going on a hunt with this vehicle then a gun and to put that gun in a safe place you definitely need a gun rack for that, here I have an amazing collection of the 10 best Polaris ranger gun racks.

Best Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger

best gun rack for polaris ranger

Overhead Gun Rack for polaris ranger

This gun rack by great day is considered to be the best Overhead Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger. Rated over 4.2 with 68 reviews on Amazon and also getting sold every day. Specially Polaris Ranger Model 900, 1000, or 570 full-size with Pro-Fit D-shaped Roll Cages are the best fit.

Owners of Polaris Ranger Model 500/800 will feel safe and hassle-free to carry firearms. Doesn’t even take 2 minutes to install and you don’t even need to drill holes and can hold two firearms easily. Made of aircraft aluminum construction for durability weighing only 5lbs and Featuring super-soft rubber gun clips for easy access and secure transport. 

If you have a favorite spot in your Polaris ranger then Great Day’s Quick-Draw UTV Overhead Gun Rack gives you a way to keep your weapons close to that position but still having them out of the way.


  • Mounts rock solid
  • Holds firearms securely


  • Less Head clearance if you are over 6ft.

Polaris Ranger Gun Mount

The Kolpin UTV Gun Mount is the best floor mount Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger, truck, or similar vehicle, Rated over 4.6 with 584 reviews on Amazon.

It stays in the bed of your UTV for easy access to your firearms. Providing a secure and safe fit for your firearm also doesn’t vibrate and move over tough terrains.

For easy access, we recommend facing either direction for access from the driver or passenger side. The Kolpin Gun Rack mount is fully flexible, angling up to 45 degrees in both directions.

Weighs Nearly 4.69 pounds and Made of heavy-duty over-molded rubber to hold the stock of your firearm securely and over-molded v-blocks with tough rubber straps to supply an unquestionable firearm and barrel support.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Rubber straps to provide extra support to the guns.
  • Heavy-duty rubber used.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Fits flat UTV floors.


  • A little heavy at above 8 pounds

Rhino Grips Gun rack

Sale Best Gun Rack For Polaris Ranger

Known as Polaris ranger lock and ride gun rack, The toughest and strongest grips built out there 50+ lbs of bearing strength for your heavy-duty equipment.

Work Specifically Designed to work with the Polaris Lock and Ride system for Rangers and Generals.

For Durability, it cast Aluminum construction with shielding rubber over-molding for a carrying solution that delivers maximum functionality and exceptional toughness. 

Polaris Lock and Ride plunger is attached to the bottom of the Grip base and can then be inserted in Polaris Lock and Ride hole. Rated 4.5 with over 400 ratings is a strong sign that users are satisfied with the service.

Even though these racks are made specifically for the pockets in the box of Polaris Ranger UTVs. But

If you have any type of round tubing maybe in the back of your golf cart then you’ll be able to mount these to it with what they supply in the kit.


  • Can bear 15 pounds easily.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Lightweight (1.5 pounds)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Offers a snug fit.


  • No angular rotation.
  • The two vertical legs may be too close to each other for some users.

Classic UTV Double Gun Carrier 

If you are looking for something to carry your both guns safely then this will be the best Polaris Ranger Double Gun Rack. The only complaint is that it is not that insulated.

it fits greatly with Polaris, Yamaha, and Kawasaki UTVs (2015 models and older). With 4.6 ratings and 314 reviews, this double gun rack was able to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Weighs around 9.22 pounds and with 2 years of warranty, this gun rack has three large gear pockets for extra shells or other items to keep safe. 

To attach securely in the back of UTV roll cages it comes with heavy-duty straps and quick-release buckles. Also, the Extra thick padding protects your riffles from getting scratches. 


  • Fits for most UTVs from 2015 and older
  • Full cover gun bag heavy-duty fabric to protect from the adverse condition.
  • Thick padding ensures less shock and vibrations
  • Two Zippered pockets to allow carry two rifles or shotguns at a time


  • Cannot be stored overnight
  • The mounting system hinders the rearview
  • Not a universal product

Over Head Gun Rack for UTV

This one is for Full-Size Polaris 2013-2018 with Pro-Fit Roll Cages and known as the best Overhead Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger. It Will not fit the Polaris General or Mid-Size Pro-Fit Rangers.

It stays on the ROPS (rollover protection system) of most vehicles and stores the guns overhead and out of the way.

Premium materials like glass-filled nylon and cast aluminum were used to make this. The Ratings and the reviews say that it is the best overhead gun rack for the Polaris ranger out there.

The premium rubber-lined jaws won’t scratch your weapon, it will keep your gun away from metal surfaces to avoid getting scratches on the front end of your gun.

The soft rubber strap that holds the gun in place offers a comfortable feeling when removing and storing guns.


  • Cast aluminum support bracket
  • Telescoping arms with tightening bolts ensures fit for a wide range of vehicles
  • Thick plate and cast steel brackets mount rack solidly and securely


  • Littte bit heavy.

Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier 

Now we have Kolpin’s Best Overhead Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger. No tools required to assemble and made to easily put on and off. Weigh 4.19 pounds, rating above 4 with more than 280 reviews it is offering the best service for years.

Even if you drive in the toughest terrain this gun rack is ensuring a safe and sound ride for your firearms. This Special UTV Overhead Gun Carrier holds your guns securely in one place.

If you are on a hunt then you don’t want to make sounds, the foam padding makes sure it doesn’t move and don’t make any disturbing noise.

The ends are coated with special rubber to protect your UTV’s frame from scratches and the additional foam padding protects your firearms while providing a secure fit.

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Easy standard mount


  • A little heavy at above 4 pounds

Kolpin KXP Single in-Bed Gun Boot Mount 

As the name suggests this gun rack is specifically made for truck beds. People often search this product by Polaris ranger lock and ride gun rack and for them, this is the one you have been looking for.

The design of these boot mounts gives your gun bed a low profile in the bed of your Polaris Ranger. whenever you travel you just keep it in your truck bed and after you reach your spot you can slide down the gun mount easily. 

We know you are thinking about the rear visibility, if you check out the product image then you will find out that the positioning of this gun mount will never interfere with the rear visibility also doesn’t impact storage space in the bed of the Polaris Ranger.

Weighs only 1 pound, Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with 53 Reviews probably the best gun rack for Polaris ranger 


  • Two limbs.
  • Fits all tubular and plastic bars on four-wheelers from 0.5 to 1.25 inches.
  • 15% larger forks than other gun rack mounts.
  • Adjustable.


  • Holds a single weapon only.
  • Poor quality Straps

Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder 

Looking for something a little sturdier? Well, this one is for you then, while it holds the gun you can drive over rough roads without even thinking twice.

The In Cab On Seat gun holder installs within seconds don’t even need any tools and uses the seat belt that is already on your vehicle. The weight is only 7.88 pounds.

Featuring a fantastic muzzle to keep the barrels of two guns pointed safely at the floor of the vehicle.

This Polaris ranger in-cab gun mount is entirely made of closed-cell foam to prevent damage or scratches to your guns. 

The design makes sure that no parts can make contact with your optics or sights which is great to prevent damage in any of your guns.


  • Installs instantly
  • Universal fit
  • Keeps guns safely pointed down
  • Holds 2 guns


  • Not entirely “universal”
  • A seat belt is needed to adjust this gun rack

Great Day Polaris rangerame – Black Powder-Coated Finish 

Great day is quite well known for making gun racks, but this time we are talking about their best Polaris ranger quick-draw gun rack. No extra hassle to install and it comes with the necessary equipment to make it even easier to install.

It can hold two guns and mounts vertically to be found at your fingertips whenever you go hunting, to ensure maximum protection of the guns, great days cushioned moldable cradles hold your guns securely and protected,

The unique Velcro straps form and fit the holding cradles to the specific size of the gun – results no more loose fits to disturb the sight and settings of your scope.

It is made of super-strong aircraft aluminum and finished off with super-tough black powder-coated enamel for good looking and to last years after years.

Great day has never failed to satisfy the customers and on that note, this Polaris ranger quick-draw gun rack will be your great companion.


  • Supports Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, Kubota RTV, and other UTVs with roofs.
  • Powder coating on the frame.
  • Velcro straps to tighten the weapons.
  • Installs within minutes.
  • Limited warranty.


  • A bit too large.
  • Not fit for all vehicles.

Big Sky Racks Dual Gun

The big sky Telescoping Rifle Rack is the most favorite gun rack for sale. It has Mounting brackets for all SUV & ATV Vehicles.

The Thick, Padded Brackets are only meant to protect the finishes and scopes, and also the slide-adjust feature to fit all weapons. 

Its square-tube construction design is got more looks. Made of Heavy-duty nylon Hook & Loop Fastening Strap for lasting longer.

This is the most professional-grade rack for mounting guns in vehicles, trunk lids, boats, S.W.A.T. units, etc.

If you love to go hunting or anyone in your family does then this is a perfect gun rack for that hunter enthusiast. 


  • Very durable.
  • Comes with mounting instructions.
  • Can be installed on every vehicle with a roof.
  • Holds the weapon tight on rough terrains.
  • Takes less than 20 minutes to install.


  • Doesn’t support all kinds of weapons.
  • No warranty.

Apart from the polaris ranger’s gun rack, we have also written about truck gun rack.

Buying Guide for polaris ranger gun holder

Buying guides are meant to help you choose the best product among those, so, all the product description says which one is for which purpose if you are looking for the quick draw overhead feature, go for the first one.

The floor mounts gun rack are pretty popular actually if you need that feature go for the second one.

Strong racks are wanted by everyone and we have covered one at the list no 3 double gun carriers make things look eye-catching and that’s why we have listed out that product also. 

The lightest one on the list is the Kolpin KXP Single in-Bed Gun Boot Mount, this one takes no effort to carry. So, that’s it for gun racks, choose the one you need according to your demand.

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