Best Chainsaw Chains Detailed Review – 2021

Are you Looking for a best chainsaw chain? On the list of woodcutting accessories, a chainsaw chain is an advantageous tool among all of them. Workers who used to work with woods, they had to suffer a lot until the invention of a chainsaw.

A chainsaw makes the chopping of wood, cutting wood, tearing wood a lot easier. But do you know that a poor quality chain will make the work worse?

Yes, a non-sharp blade destroys the structure of wood. Sometimes it also creates a lot of problems for a chainsaw. And eventually, the chainsaw gets worse along with time. Therefore, you need to choose the best chainsaw chain for your chainsaw to get beneficial results.

In that case, this content is extracted only for you with all best-rated chains for you. With these chains, you can work co-efficiently without any issues or problems. So let’s not stretch anymore and dive inside for the record of best chain list.

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10 Best Chainsaw Chains Reviews 2021

Oregon S40 Chainsaw Chain

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Oregon S40 is most popular chainsaw chain in today’s market. You will see them on most chainsaw’s guides. This One stands Before all the chain on market.

They are most compatible chain for almost all chainsaws. It can deliver potent and wonderful cuts. The cutters of this chain are extremely tough as well as sharp, and they are very to maintain as well.

You will love its performance as it is a semi-chiseled cutter. The Oregon S40 includes most advanced technology in case of development of chainsaw.

Besides giving an incredible performance, this chain also lasts longer.

For ripping off woods, I can assure you that Oregon S40 is best. This chain includes multiple features and also works within a limit. Though it is a small chain yet, it constructs with advanced technology. You will love using this chain for your chainsaw, but make sure you purchase the right size chain.

Husqvarna Pixel ChainSaw Chain

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Talking about performance, specifications, compatibility, and value, etc. the Husqvarna chainsaw chain always comes first place. It is also most popular brand in the world of chainsaw.

With this chain, you will get the experience of best seamless cutting. This one is best-reviewed among all chains available.

This chain also includes the drive links with well-contoured. And you will find it on many chainsaw guidelines. It is incredibly safe, secure, and very perfect to use.

The Husqvarna includes no vibration, no kickbacks. No matter how hard the wood is, these chains can cut them very quickly.

Husqvarna pixel is for professional purposes. Those are amateur; they can also use it very comfortable to learn professionally. This chain is another best piece which is eligible for almost all kind of chainsaws.

It can handle massive duty works without any lacking. If you are a professional chainsaw user, then this chain would be the best option for you.

Oregon S52 14″ Chainsaw Chain

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Oregon S52 Chain helps the chainsaw to implement a precision cut with extreme flow of the chip. 14Inch chainsaw Chain is remarkably more powerful, and it can perform heavy-duty on high intensive works.

Besides this, it is also a chamfer chisel cutter along with high corrosion resistance. No kickbacks, no vibration gives a smooth cutting.

If you are using Craftsman, Poulan, Remington, Oregon, and Echo, then Oregon S52 would be the correct solution for your work. It will allow your small chainsaw to work like a boss.

It can cut through hardwoods very finely, and that is what makes the chain most remarkable. On the other hand, the blade also stays a lot sharper for a long time than other chains.

Unlike all the other products, Oregon S52 will be the best option for 14″ chains. This chain is the precise option for both professional users as well as homeowners. Also, Oregon S52 is very durable, and the maintenance of this chain is also very easy.

Husqvarna H4684 Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaw users who are looking for versatile chains, the H4684 maybe best chainsaw chain for them. Unlike all other chains, the Husqvarna H4684 chain is way too much strong.

Well! This proofs that the chain can bear strong and heavy-duty works. Its size is also huge, and it can easily fit on big chainsaws.

As it is a boss quality chain; therefore, you will never face any vibration nor kickbacks while working with it. If you have different types of big chainsaws, you can also use this chain on them.

It will surely give a precise and smooth cut. Professional workers mostly use H4684.

If you are not comfortable with the other chains you already used before, you can try this one. This chain is very powerful, and it includes the capability to do substantial works.

Well! If you are looking for bulk and massive works. Then without going further, you can pick it up.

Oregon Vanguard Chainsaw Chain

Remember the Oregon S40 I mentioned above? Yes! Specifically, the Oregon vanguard chain is also one of them, but it is way a lot more powerful than the S40 chain.

Besides that, its size is even more important, and it can perform heavy-duty works very smoothly. It also includes no kickback, no vibrations, which will make your job more precise.

You can easily open it up and wash it. In short, the maintenance procedure is effortless

In the case of the top range, Oregon vanguard can stand on that range. It also lasts a long time, even after bulk work. You can comfortably use the chain on multiple chainsaws. And I can guarantee you that you will not find such a versatile chain like the Oregon Vanguard chain.

Oregon R34 8” Micro-Lite Pole Chainsaw Chain

Probably one of the best chainsaw chain in 8″ Segment. As you know that pole saws are comfortable but, high-quality, versatile tools make the cutting much more efficient.

And talking about the high-quality, versatile chain, the Oregon R34 8″ comes in.

Instead, a smooth, gentle run is enough to make a precise cut with this chain 

This chain includes a design for less downtime as well as stable performance. With minimal kickbacks and low vibration.

It also includes an excellent design. And with this chain, you can easily do small length cuts.

As you know, Oregon stands first in the case of chains. In that case, buying Oregon 34 8″ would be the best choice. This chain requires minimal power to make cuts compare to other chains. Besides that, it also includes a narrow kerf gauge, which will also help you a lot.

Husqvarna 20″ H8072 Chainsaw Chain

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Here comes another professional tool. For past few years, Husqvarna stands first in case of professional accessories as well as tools. They are making a fantastic quality chainsaw chain from the beginning.

Though this professional chain adds minimal kickbacks and vibration, yet it can quickly provide high-performance.

This chain easily fits with all the 20” Husqvarna Chainsaws. You can use it even if you have a 55 Rancher as well. Within a short time, this chain achieved many reviews and values.

It retains the sharpness and performs excellent for a long time.

If you use a chainsaw for both professional works and minimal works, then purchasing Husqvarna 20-inch H8072 chain would be a better idea. You can easily cut woods that include a large diameter. On the other hand, you can sharpen the edges of this chain very quickly. This chain is boss of demanding work.

This chain will let you cut hard and tough woods very easily.

Oregon S56 16″ Semi Chisel Chain

Oregon S56 can perform on both high profiled and moderate level applications. The long-lasting, strong chain can cut with the edges very precisely. It is so favorite to professional chainsaw users that whenever they go for buying a chainsaw, they search for Oregon S56 first.

What do you want from the best chainsaw chain? What needs to be present in the chain which can satisfy you? Check out the Oregon S56.

It will match your requirements. It is another most precise chain for chainsaws. Oregon S56 will never disappoint you I can assure you that.

This chain is mainly a bunch of features. With a semi-chisel chrome-hardened cutter, the chain can perform significant cuts.

This chain includes fifty-six drive links and 16” chainsaw guides. It is another best chain that can handle onerous duties

Oregon Vanguard Chainsaw Chain

Like I mentioned earlier that Oregon provides the best accessories. Besides that, I already said the Oregon Vanguard up ahead.

But here comes the Oregon D70 20-Inch Vanguard chain which is the bigger boss version of the Oregon Vanguard.

With that said, this Chainsaw chain includes low vibration when you will be running the chainsaw at its best performance.

It can provide an exact cut. It is a full, chisel cutting chain that delivers smooth and premium performance.

This chain will be the best option for loggers, farmers, arborists, and many more. On the other hand, it is very safe to use as well.

For those of you who are using a professional chain saw, I would recommend them not to roam anymore and choose this chain. It will give the best comfort using the chainsaw than any other chain. It can deliver exact and fast cuts. And can provide high performance compared to other chains. Very much safe to use even when you use it to cut sturdy woods. Gives very low noise and almost zero kickbacks

STIHL 26RS Chainsaw Chain

The last one on the list of top 10 best chainsaw chains is STIHL 26 RS chain that combines unique and practical design. This chain is very durable and can quickly provide high-performance as well.

Though this will only fit STIHL chainsaws, yet those of you who are using STIHL chainsaws, for them this chain is best option

It can cut sturdy woods very quickly and can also perform absolute applications very finely. Those of you who are searching the chain for cutting logs, the STIHL 26RS is for you.

This chain itself is known as the logger chain for the chainsaw.

The most effective chain that can perform strict pressure performance without any risk is the STIHL 26RS. In the case of cutting logs, you can try it out. It will surely not disappoint you. This chain provides zero kickbacks and vibrations and includes precision in cutting as well. This chain can be the best chain for your STIHL 26RS chainsaw.

Different Categories of Chainsaw Chains

Don’t just scroll down and check out the product description and buy them. Don’t do it. Firstly, you must have a proper judgemental opinion about the product. You must know the verities of chains. And with that, you can be more precise and narrow to your choice. Casually, you will find four different types of chainsaw chains on market. Besides that, you must take care of the features, types as well as sizes of each of them. So the four variety of Chains saw Chains are:

Semi Chisel Cutters: Semi chisel chains are the opposite of full toolchains, which means these chainsaw chains keep the chain edge for a longer time.

Square Chisel Cutters: The square chisel cutters are essential in the case of professional works. For amateurs, it becomes difficult to handle the square chisel cutters as they can cut woods very fast.

Low-Profile Cutters: Nowadays low-profile cutters are most known in the world of a chainsaw. Not only this, but you can also fit these low-profile cutter chains into several types of chainsaws. They are straightforward to use and stays sharps even after extended use. With the fantastic quality of the low-profile cutter, it will be the best choice for cutting softwoods.

Full chisel Cutters: Here is another fastest woodcutter. It’s the full chisel cutters that will also fit on different chainsaw chains. If you use a chainsaw for standard or general purposes of cutting, then you can use this full chisel cutter. But one important thing about this cutter is, it needs to sharpen every time you use it.​

Factors You Must Think Before You Buy Chainsaw Chains

So far, there are a lot of chainsaw chain users in this world, yet you can find very few ones who have the proper guideline to choose a perfect chainsaw. As a result, they buy just a random chain that doesn’t even suit their chainsaw, and eventually, both chainsaw and chain get damage within time. So instead of pulling it further, let’s check the factors you need to consider:

Gauge and Chain Pitch: As you know that the indicator, as well as chain pitch, is mostly used to determine the levels of vibration and the tension of the chain. Therefore, it is a great and essential feature for the chainsaw. There are lots of chains that include the gauge and chain pitch feature, but some come for few particular chainsaws.

Anti-Kickback: Most chainsaw user looks for chains which can cut hardwoods pretty fast. But there are some chainsaws that have a sharp chain but despite it also kick back a lot. Kickbacks are extremely dangerous. Kickbacks can cut off your flesh and break your bone into pieces. A kickback mostly happens when the chainsaw is at full throttle, and the chain cutter gets stuck on the wood. It rashly pushes back the user, which can cause a hazardous accident. There are also some Anti-Kickback chainsaws available on the market now.

Chain Size: Chain size is another essential factor you must consider when you will buy a chainsaw. Buy the exact chain which matches the bar of your chainsaw. Sometimes to find the proper size, it becomes a bit difficult because every time everything is not so available. So you can do, buy a long size chain and cut it according to your needs.

Anti-Vibration: If your chain vibrates while you are cutting the wood, the cut won’t be precise. It will also affect effectiveness as well as traction while cutting. The vibration also wastes a lot of energy. So make sure that you choose a chain that includes no vibration. And as a result, it will help to make a precise cut as well as saves a lot of energy.

Wrapping Up

Many people use the chainsaw for many purposes. Some use for professional purposes and some methods for home activities. In this content, I mentioned ten best chainsaw chains, which is compatible with both the professional and home works.

Undoubtedly, they will be the best choice for you, yet I would recommend you to check the requirements to be narrower with your selection.

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