Top 10 Best Car Gun Safe Review and Buying Guide 2020

The best car gun safe is essential for your gun to make it safe anywhere because your gun does not allow for all places.

I swear you carry that because you are here. If you carry a gun, you know the rules and laws of carrying a gun in society. There are a bundle of restriction to carry a gun into a specific area and places. You must follow the rules as well as carry the gun for your self-protection.

You can move on to anywhere with your licensed gun just having a gun safe. Yes, a gun safe can allow you to enter into those restricted areas where a gun or any other weapon is prohibited.

You know a gun safe is a trusted staff that helps to keep your gun safe and secure from unknown touches. The surprising thing is that you can install this type of gun safe into your car. Whenever you go out to a church, school, office, or shopping mall where carrying a rifle is restricted, you could be tension free keeping the gun into a gun safe.

Analyzing and researching the pros and cons of a car gun safe, I have made a list of top 5 car gun in the present time.

Read below the specification, features, and capabilities of the gun safe box.

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best car gun safe
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Reviews of 7 Best Car Gun Safe in 2020

#1. Gunvault nv200 Vehicle Gun Safe​

GunVault Nanovault 200 Nano Pistol Safe NV200
  • Easy to operate key lock System
  • Compact size allows storage virtually anywhere
  • The Nano vault meets TSA Airline firearm guidelines

This gun safe vault could be your first choice regarding the design and security function. You will be glad to know that you can fix this NV200 gun vault anywhere in your car full of safety.

The gun vault is made with 18 check steel, which is very much strong to break. It will be a comfortable one for the person who carries an ordinary fire weapon.

See the advantages of this gun safe below:

  • NV 200 Nano vault 200 is easy to install in your car.
  • This vehicle gun safe has enough space within it.
  • Little in size so that you could keep it anywhere in car.
  • Made of steel. Therefore, this one is hard to break.
  • Multiyear guarantee in case of robbery and theft.

Inner part of this gun vault is covered with foam so that your arm would not get any pressure, which could cause an accidental incident.

Built quality: The vault is made of steel of 18 gauges into the body with a stunning look. Nobody can catch it as a firm arm safe.

Gun capacity: Internal capacity of the vault is unique. It could keep a 1911 handgun easily. Also, you can preserve one or two magazines.

Size: Dimension of the vault is 9.5x 6.5x 2.0

Weight: 3 pounds

Guarantee: Multiyear guarantee on robbery and theft.

Lock system: Its lock system is accessed with keys. You will have two keys for lock.

By features and specifications, this weapon safe could be perfect for your general use. Simplicity is the key feature of this gun vault.

#2. Gunvault mv500-std Microvault Pistol Gun Safe​

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MV500-STD Micro gun vault is very well-known because of its small size. I like it judging its size and carrying capacity.

Amazingly you could install this little pistol safe under your seat. You would like its security system. You would find a touchpad with keys that are very effective to use that you need not see the keys. Just put your finger upon it.

  • This gun vault is small, having much space into it.
  • You can install in under your seat which is most secure place
  • You need not drill in your car to fix it. Just use a security cable.
  • Digital security system with a keypad which is very easy to sense by touching
  • You are getting extra keys as back up for security.
  • You’ll have a guarantee of five years for fire and theft.

Size: Ratio is 11x 8.5x 2.25 inches.

Building: This safe cover is made with 20 gauge steel, which could tolerate up to 1500 pounds weight.

Security protocol: Security system is built up with 12 million security code that is very much harder to break.

Backup system: You’ll have backup keys in case of forgetting the code or battery backup.

Holding capability: This is the exciting part that you could keep a pistol of 9mm with a sort knife, magazines, and some related things.

Anchor system: You can simply use a security cable to hold it.

Battery: It needs a 9-volt battery which is not attached to the vehicle firearm safe.

Guarantee: Yes, you’ll have five years of warranty in case of fire and theft.

MV500-STD Micro gun vault could be appropriate for you if you are searching for something digital.

#3. VITEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Car Gun Safe

Here is something more secure gun vault. This is one of the most secured gun vaults in the world. You cannot believe how many security systems are involved here. You’ll find in it an anti-theft security system.

Besides, anti-touches security with quick access led lit on the surface of the vault. The incredible thing is that it has Bluetooth access, which can be accessed to your smartphones.

Update technology and unique security system have made the vault exception from other models. See the advantages and specifications below.

  • Upgraded with present technology.
  • As you know that it is a biometric handgun safe that is much secured than other classical models.
  • Besides updated security system, you have various LED-lit options on the box — these LED-lit responses with your touch and alerting cautions.
  • Bluetooth access has designed the box to connect with smartphones.
  • In building, Carbon steel is used to make it more strength.
  • It has quick access that is very fast to open with just your touch.

Building quality: VITEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe is built with 16 gauges carbon steel, which is very efficient to tolerate excessive weight.

Security system: The security system is based on Biometric technology, which is being used on the Smartphone to unlock in the very fastest moment. This technology is the key feature of the pistol vault.

Anti-Security protocol: This biometric firearm safe is included with an anti-theft or anti-touch security system. It means if anybody touches or tries to steal your weapon, you’ll have a notification that somebody is moving your box.

Quick access: Being a system of Biometric, it has a super-fast quality to unlock at any moment. You need to touch the screen to open.

Bluetooth: Having Bluetooth access, you are unable to access the safe with your Smartphone.

Accessible with a smartphone: By connecting with a smartphone through Bluetooth, you can control the weapon safe from a measurable distance.

LED-lit: You could see LED lights up on the keys of the box. These lights are visible with touch and response.

Battery: Lithium-ion battery is used in the vault, which could provide the disability for four months. It takes just 2.5 hours to recharge.

You could see that this one is upgraded with current technology having other essential features. You would like to suggest you install this gun vault if you would like to have some extra security.

#4. VITEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Car Gun Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth...
140 Reviews
Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth...
  • COMPACT DESIGN can securely hold 1 handgun, magazine(s), passport, cash, and is easily...
  • TOUGH AND RUGGED 16-gauge carbon steel construction features a durable powder coat finish to...
  • QUICK ACCESS to your valuables and documents from the auto open lid. Get in quick when it...

Naturally, Fort Knox PB1 is famous for its simple uses. I like it for its easy use and carrying capability. If you are searching for an update secured gun vault, you should pass on this weapon safe.

Like others, it has some simple security system that is easy to access. The important thing is that you cannot open it on any side but to open the top.

On the other hand, it is not designed to install under your seat. You would find this vault as a classical model. Let’s see the advantages and features of this vehicle gun safe.

  • This gun safe is straightforward to use.
  • Anyone can use it for its market price.
  • Artificial surfaces could attract you to buy it.
  • It has a push-button that opens too fast.
  • It needs no battery because of its analog security system.
  • You’ll have a lifetime warranty.

Size: The dimension ratio of this gun vault is 4.25x 12.5x 10.4 inches.

Body: The body is made with ten gauges of steel, which is very smooth to touch.

Security system: The security system is analog. It has a push-button to open the top of the cover.

Access: It is easy to use by anyone. On the other hand, anyone can open the vault pushing the button.

Anchor type: You have to use a bolt to install the safe box. It has four pre-drilled holes which are used to attach with your vehicle with a pin.

Batteries: Dew to an analog security system. It has no battery. You need not use any batteries here.

Warranty: Users of this vehicle gun safe will get a lifetime warranty.

If you feel bored with using batteries and updated technology which could seem to your unnecessary, you could choose this one.

#5. SnapSafe Lock Box With Combination Lock

This gun vault is also a popular one because of its built quality. It has a very standard look at which healthy steel body. The size is quite right to set it underneath your seat.

I like it because of its original and straightforward design. You would not find any additional tools or options in this vehicle weapon safe. To cope up more detail about this vehicle firearm safe, see the details.

  • This weapon safe is simple to use.
  • Has an excellent looking substance with a healthy body
  • Steel body will tolerate much pressure.
  • It could be installed under your seat.
  • Inside of the vault is filled with foam so that the gun gets no harm
  • You will have more space where you can put more necessary things.

Size: The body ratio of this vehicle gun vault is 9.5x 6.5x 1.75 inches.

Build quality: Built with 18 gauges of steel.

Security system: The security system is analog. There is no digital issue.

Lock system: It has two keys to unlock and lock the cover.

Gun capability: It could hold a gun like a PPQ with two magazines.

Battery: No battery.

You could choose this one by its common feature. It has a stunning look with simple tools.

#6. SentrySafe Car Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 1...
2,788 Reviews
SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 1...
  • Biometric gun safe provides secure storage for one standard handgun; pistol safe with...
  • Pistol safe features a gas strut to instantly and quietly open safe door for single-handed...
  • Handgun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant door for strength and handgun...

The first and foremost thing for weapon safe is its safety. I like it because of its first unlocking and security. If you read the feature and specification of this vehicle pistol safe, you will have an idea of how protected the safe is. Handgun safe is very much essential to carry to assure your security. I think to realise this tendency of carrying a pistol in the car; this company has applied the updated technology as its security system.

  • This is a biometric gun safe with update technology.
  • It opens its door with just an accessible touch.
  • The pistol safe is made with solid steel with a solid resistance door.
  • The analogue keypad is also installed here in case of back up.
  • California DOJ certifies this handgun safe.
  • It uses a rechargeable battery.
  • The incredible thing is that the battery could exist for 8 to 10 years undoubtedly.
  • The body is made with solid steel.
  • Pistol gun safe weight is 11.9 pounds.
  • The body dimension is 9.9×12.1×3.2 inches.
  • 4 AA batteries are required for this handgun safe.
  • It can carry one single handgun.
  • SentrySafe QAP1BE is black.
  • The security system has a fast open capability.
  • You will get back up keys in case of battery failure.
  • You are getting one year of warranty.

To taste the touch of digital and updated technology, you can buy this one. The premium look with a fast unlocking system is a pleasure to me.

#7. SentrySafe Car Gun Safe with Biometric security system

SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 2...
2,788 Reviews
SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 2...
  • Biometric gun safe provides secure storage for two standard handguns, or one large pistol and...
  • Gun safe is equipped with a gas strut to instantly and quietly open safe door for single-handed...
  • Gun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant door for strength and handgun...

The main advantage of this handgun safe is its holding capacity. You can store two handguns easily in this biometric lock system gun safe. Like the previous model, you have to put your finger on the fingerprint sensor to unlock the door.

I like it for its premium look. The body is made with hard steel, which gives a stunning look. Besides the biometric lock system, you will get digital keypad and analog keys in case of battery down or mechanical problems. So you are getting two systems in one weapon safe.

  • SentrySafe QAP2BEL fits two handguns easily.
  • You will find the use of updated technology with biometric and digital keypad.
  • It is made of solid metal steel, which is hard and strong enough to break.
  • As two guns safe, it is a little bit bigger than the previous one.
  • Too fast to open the locked door for the ultra-fast fingerprint sensor.
  • Tow override keys will support to unlock in the presence of trouble.
  • This handgun safe could be used at your bedside also.
  • The liable battery is always needed, which is not included with the safe.
  • The body dimension of this firearm safe is 9.8×16.4×3.2.
  • Gun vault weight is 15.75 pounds.
  • It has two handgun storage capacity.
  • The interior portion is designed with light.
  • The lock system is Biometric with digital keys and two keys.
  • The body is made with solid steel.
  • It needs 4 AA batteries which are not included with the box.
  • SentrySafe QAP2BEL comes with one year of warranty.

What to determine before buying a car gun safe?

Design: You may choose your one by seeing the design of vehicle gun safe. But I must say that design is not a precious one than security. If you are a passionate man or man in the hobby, then you can look into design.

Lock system: This is the most important term to buy a vehicle gun safe. As the weapon reliable is used mostly in cars or vehicles, you must ensure the safety of gun. Try to buy one which can restrict others completely to touch your gun.

Body: Body dimension with weight is also an important one. Some of your search for small size and some search for the big one. Look at dimensions and weight before buying a safe.

Storage capacity: You may carry two or one guns always. Regarding your numbers of a gun, see the gun holding capacity of gun vault before buying.

Battery: Most of the digital gun safe needs to use a battery. Some of them are included, and some of them are not included. Check it first.

Seating position: The size and weight of the gun determine where it could be installed. If you want to install the weapon safe under your seat, choose a small size. On the other hand, you may choose the big one, also.

I recommend you to peruse the determinations and highlights again to be more clear about your decision. You realize a firearm is especially essential to guard it at that point, use it to secure yourself. Check these 5 Car Gun Safe once, which could be your best decision.

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