Best Snowmobile Helmet with Heated Shield and Bluetooth

The snowmobile season is just around the corner and there are many winter activities to enjoy. While you can dress warmly, you would also want to enjoy yourself with the snowmobile. 

It’s not always possible to stay dry and warm during a snowmobile ride. But now, thanks to heated shields and Bluetooth technology helmets, you can enjoy your ride and stay safe at the same time.

A good snowmobile helmet should offer protection from both cold air and UV rays when you’re on the slopes all day. From visor attachments to earmuffs, there are many options available. There are also helmets that come equipped with Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music in style while you ride!

The heated shield helmet is designed to make a cold day on the slopes more enjoyable. The heated shield is designed with an easy-touch control panel for all your needs and a visor that will not fog up. 

The Bluetooth-enabled helmet has speakers for music and a microphone to chat with friends while riding up the mountain.

So, today we have come to recommend you the best snowmobile helmet with a heated shield and also with the Bluetooth feature.

Top 6 Snowmobile Helmets With Heated Shield

Delta R4 Ignite Anti-Fog Helmet

Let’s start with this Delta R4 Ignite Helmet from 509 that became extremely popular among the Snowmobile Rider. This Dual certified helmet is built with some excellent features and solid quality.

Heated Shield – Yes, Of course, it comes with heated shield technology as it is the main feature of this popular helmet. 

It has Ignite dual-pane heating technology developed by 509 and it works perfectly even in zero temperature. Your helmet will never turn foggy as it is the best heated shield technology by far.

Comfort – It weighs ‎6.3 pounds and still, the soft material interior feels very comfortable while putting on and off every time you ride. 

The ventilation system was built to breathe normally without any problem because it controls the air intake process to prevent overheating whenever you ride.

Our Opinion – As far as we concern, this helmet is worth considering because of the amazing features. it has DOT/ECE dual certified helmet shell for better safety reasons for riders for riding safely.

ScorpionExo Covert Matte Black Helmet

Meet this badass-looking helmet by Scorpion. This particular helmet is available in 3 colors and right now I would recommend you for checking out the titanium version. Made specially by Scorpion advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell to minimize weight and disperse impact for better safety.

Heated Shield – Now let’s talk about the heated shield because it’s amazing. If you ride a lot at night then instead of using the included one, you just buy the darker tint, silver, or gold one for about 30 Dollars from Scorpion. Because those sun visors give you a very clear view and they are anti-fog coated so you shouldn’t worry about getting foggy inside of your helmet.

Comfort – Well, the Scorpion Exo Covert is available in seven different shell sizes to cover fitment size. You need to measure your size exactly for better fitting. The inside is made with comfortable lining and anti-allergenic and moisture-wicking materials for wearing a long time.

And it weighs around 4.64 pounds and that’s very lightweight and feels very comfortable while putting on and off.

Our Opinion – After the review, we have come to know that this helmet is extremely well built for providing safety, and the design it got just looks so great. we will recommend this one if you are looking for something with a better viewing angle and a better safety feature because it’s made of Polycarbonate Shell.

ILM Full Face Anti-Fog Snowmobile Helmet

Presenting the most affordable snowmobile helmet with a heated shield. The ILM Full Face Anti-Fog Snowmobile Helmet is DOT Certified and it is made of quality ABS shell and the interior is made of high density EPS foam which ensures safety and comfort while you ride.

Heated Shield – This helmet has Anti-fog Pinlock 30, which is available and included with the helmet. It ensures Fog resistance while you ride motorbikes or snowmobiles. 

The helmets with Pinlock visors features ensure safer riding on winter or cold days. You can upgrade the heated shields if you want as it has the options for it.

Comfort – It weighs just ‎3.53 pounds and by this, you can understand how light this helmet is. However this affordable helmet comes with a Ventilation system for keeping the air flowing, it forces the fresh air in and hot moist air out for better breathing capability. 

The top liner and cheek pads are made with very soft material and they are removable and washable. Although at this price, ILM is providing such a good feature and is also comfortable to wear.

Our Opinion – We see this helmet as much more affordable than the other ones with the same features. It has all the features a helmet should have and we strongly recommend you to consider this helmet while looking for other expensive options.

Best Snowmobile Helmets With Built In Bluetooth and Speakers

FreedConn Helmet with Bluetooth 3.0

The FreedConn Helmet is extremely popular among riders because of the inbuilt Bluetooth features that work up to 300 meters of range. 

The communication of this helmet is extremely useful and it allows you to listen to your favorite album while you ride. Overall the looks of this helmet and other features make it looks very appreciative and worthy to consider buying.

Bluetooth Features – This Bluetooth helmet connectivity comes with lots of features, you can pair this speaker with a maximum of three riders at a time and you can talk with a maximum of two riders. 

The speakers also feature DSP Echo Cancellation and noise suppression technology that is made to deliver the best quality voice calling.

This Bluetooth feature also has a multi-tasking technology, and whenever you receive an incoming call it enables the Bluetooth to override all other communication systems to pick up the calls immediately.

For receiving and rejecting the balls and playing songs and pausing it has inbuilt touch control for all.

Safety and Comfort –  For safety measures, it is certified by BQB and CE as it meets and exceeds their motor vehicle safety standards. It is also certified by the DOT with three safety ratings that undoubtedly makes it the best and safest helmet on the market.

The helmet weighs only 5.85 pounds and is extremely lightweight for riding the bike comfortably. It also has a ventilation system for better breathing and a heated shield for riding in cold or hot weather.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

ILM Bluetooth helmet is on our 2nd list. It comes with everything that a modem day helmet should have. It offers headphones inside the helmet and microphone for communication and good call quality. You can easily listen to your favorite music while you ride.

Bluetooth Features – As we mentioned earlier, it comes with Bluetooth and it is quite stunning for calls and music.

With the package, you get a Bluetooth connector that is connected with a battery. You need to attach this helmet to the back of your helmet and you are good to go.

You need to charge that battery to continue using them. Another feature we must discuss is noise-canceling and it works fine and is very useful if you receive a lot of calls. You can hear other bikers beside you without removing the helmet.

For receiving calls, rejecting, or stoping the music, It has a one-touch control system. Whenever you have an incoming call, the system overrides all the other communications for receiving the call.

Comfort and Safety – This helmet weighs around 4.4 pounds and it is designed to provide maximum comfort for any biker. The inside is made of soft material to let you feel better when you wear the helmet.

It also comes with three air intake vents which are placed perfectly and let you breathe fresh air and keeps the air flowing inside the helmet. the helmet has a dual visor system for convenience and comfortable riding all the season.

The whole ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet is DOT certified and the visors are ECE certified as they meet all the requirements for being the safest helmet.

Also, the slit aerodynamic design allows the rider to bend their head down closer to their bike to reduce the downforce and this does not block your field view at all.

GDM Venom Helmet with Hypersonic Bluetooth

Sale Snowmobile Helmet With Heated Shield And Bluetooth

Now it’s time to recommend the most good-looking Bluetooth helmet from GDM. It has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology for a better music listening experience and better call quality. Also, the battery backup is insane and loved by every rider.

Features – The GDM Venom Helmet comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 technology and stereo speaker as well as wind resistant noise-Canceling microphones for making the call quality better than other helmet. 

The provided battery is very good and powerful, it will provide 12 Hours of Talk Time And 120 Hours of Standby time. If you choose the GDM HyperSonic unit then you will get weatherproofing technology and a hi-fi stereo speaker for much clear sound quality.

Safety and comfort – Speaking of Safety, it comes with Aerodynamic Shell Design which is constructed using Advanced Lightweight Composite Poly-Alloy Shell for saving your head while the moment of impact.

And the internal part is made of beautiful and soft material for providing maximum comfort and the best part is it is Removable & Washable It Maximizes Comfort while riding on the road, street, or highway.

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Buying Guide – Things to consider while buying Snowmobile Helmet

Well, we have recommended the best out of best helmets that are widely popular and available on amazon. For buying a helmet, you must know some things like the build quality, comfort, all-season support, and breathing inside capability. 

Here we will discuss some facts you must consider while you buy helmets for your snowmobile or motorcycle.

Breath Guard – Breth guard is called anti-fog features. If you don’t want your breath to fog up the lens, then you should buy a helmet with an inbuilt heated shield so that you can ride in extremely hot weather or Cold weather with clear visibility.

External Shell –  A solid shell will protect your head in the moment of impact and it is a must-have feature to look at. Also, check for DOT ratings for other safety features.

If you live in Europe, then you should buy a helmet with ECE ratings as they test out every helmet for the safety of riders.

Ventilation – What happens when you can’t breathe properly inside of your helmet? You feel very irritated and the inside gets too hot. To avoid this kind of problem, you should buy a helmet with ventilation and yes of course the better one. 

The inside air must go out and the fresh air must come inside through an air filter. The better the ventilation system the better you feel while riding.

Conclusion – So, yeah these are some must-consider facts while you buy a helmet. We have concluded these helmets in our lists with those features. Always contact an expert for measuring your head for better fitting.

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My Overall Opinion

As far as my concern I have tried to recommend the 3 best snowmobile helmets with heated shields and the 3 best snowmobile helmets with Bluetooth features. They are extremely popular among the riders. 

In the buying options, you will get to choose your size and colors, you just need to choose them according to your preference.

My recommendation would be to buy a full-face helmet if you go on a long ride often, otherwise, a modular one would be a great choice. Foe Snowmobnil users you can use the in-built heated shield or you can buy extra from amazon.

So yeah that’s a wrap-up for today’s vlog, hope you enjoy riding safely.

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