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A gun safe is a secure place to store your guns. It is used to keep children, thieves, and other unauthorized persons out of your guns. You can put this in your house, office, or even in your car for safety. Read this article to know how you can keep your firearms safe.

Remember that, not all safes are created equal. A common misconception people have about safes is that they only need to be fireproof and be the best at keeping kids out. The truth is, there are many types of safes on the market today and some are better than others at protecting you from different threats. 

If so, then the best liberty gun safe door organizer is a great option. This door organizer has plenty of pockets and compartments for different items. It also has a multifunctional hook that you can hang keys, flashlights, and other items with. 

This door organizer is perfect for storing handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting equipment, and even jewelry. Today we will discuss the 3 best liberty gun safe door organizers and why you should buy one.

3 Best Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer 

Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

If you want to expand your storage and maximize shelf space, then there is no better option than a Liberty gun safe door panel organizer. It comes with Velco strip to ensure a perfect fit for whatever you wanna store.

This door organizer is well built with high-quality construction material. It is built exactly the way to fit perfectly with fabric covered door panels and you can Mounts this on Door Panel with the help of included mounting brackets and pairs.

Right now it is available in 6 sizes and the sizes are below with the pocket numbers. The sizes and the pockets are well built enough to last years after years.

12 Size with 3 Pockets

17-18 Size with 4 Pockets

20-23-24-25 Size with 6 Pockets

30-35-40 Size with 8 Pockets

48-64 Size with 10 Pockets

50 Size with 10 Pockets


  • Quick Draw Holster
  • Document Storage
  • Zip Pockets
  • Choke Tube Holders
  • COOLPOCKET Included


  • The placement of the cool pocket is not good.

Liberty Door Panel – Fits Gun Safe Models 48-64

Liberty Door Panel Organize is the perfect solution if you are looking for storing your guns and accessories, important documents, and other small valuables efficiently and effectively in one place. This Door Panel Organizer by Liberty comes with 10 pistol holsters, couple of zip pockets, and two Cool Pockets and Choke Tube Holders. 

The cool pockets are designed exactly the way to give your guns extra protection up to an additional 50 degrees. Depending on the size and door pannel it can hold a maximum weight of items up to 40 to 70 pounds.

The installation process is the easiest, as you can attach it with the help of included clips and start using it right away. The size we are discussing here is 48-64. 


  • Ten quick draw holsters
  • Great Document storage
  • With Zip pockets
  • Choke tube holders
  • Two Cool Pockets for extra fire protection


  • The Quality of the Choke tube holders are not so good

Liberty Door Panel – Fits Gun Safe Models 17

The 17 Model gun safe door panel is indeed an attractive holster system if you are willing to expand storage capacity and maximize your shelf space.

It works with existing fabric covered door panels and you can Mount this on Door Panel with included mounting brackets.

The Straps are made with very strong material and feel really robust while using. You can mount anything you want and depending on the other size you choose, it can hold 70 pounds total if you are worried about the capability.

The Model we are talking about is the 17, you can attach any accessory with this if you know about the exact weapons that are gonna fit with this.


  • It has Storage for documents
  • High-Quality zip pocket


  • Materials should be more strong
  • Not cheap

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Faq’s about Liberty Gun Safe Door Organizer

Why do I need a Gun Safe Organizer?

First thing, if you buy a gun safe door organizer, you can save a lot of space. Then you can additionally use your door panel and some things required to hang instead of laying down on the surface. This way, you can keep every stuff in a disciplined way.

How does the Velcro work on the metal surface?

Yes, it works flawlessly. When you get a gun safe organizer, you need to get the metal surface version. Because it includes an industrial-requirement adhesive that is connected to the back of the Velcro, so it’s simple to repair in the metal surface door panel.

Is Velcro capable of holding heavy things?

Yes, it can hold heavy items. However, it entirely depends on the high quality and the manual directed by the makers. So you need to make sure by reading the manuals to know how much your particular option Velcro can hold. If it fits your need, then you can have otherwise not.

Can I get a gun safe door organizer straight from the manufacturers?

You do not need to buy from the manufacturers since great deals of vendors are available online with the same deal that manufacturers are giving. You can purchase from shops by seeing.

Is gun safe door organizer fireproof?

Yes, it is, however, relies on what brand name you are purchasing, as well as just how much money you are paying. Because some brand names are using more fire safety pockets, some are much less. So before buying is to inspect correctly.

What is the process for attaching Velcro to the metal surface?

It’s not that difficult. First, you need to tidy up the metal surface area with scrubbing spirit. Wait until it ends up being completely dry. Open the glue cover from the Velcro and set up the Velcro carpeting on the door organizer, then you wait at least 45 minutes. This process will certainly make Velcro a lot stronger, as well as glued up highly with the organizer.

Does the door organizer become sag gradually?

It relies on the measurement and also the dimension of the door panel as you require reading the manual, it’s advised that the door panel dimensions are the same as the guidelines, or else often, it starts sagging.

Can I use all the pockets that are on both sides of the door panel?

I would certainly say yes, you can, but if you buy the smaller size option, then you may not be able to use the pockets on both sides of the door organizer.

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I have tried to review the 3 best-selling liberty gun safe door organizer here. They are available in different sizes and different accessories holding capabilities.

For storing Guns and important documents, these gun safe door organizers are actually a great choice for any user. We recommend you pick any of these organizer if you want a convenience product. 

These products are widely available on Amazon and I have included the links where you will be able to buy them instantly.

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